The founder of one publishing empire made a bet with another well-known author. The conditions were simple: 50 words or less for an entire story, and it had to be written in 12 hours! This challenge put their skills on the show; they both produced amazing work that day, resulting in many creative stories filled with wittily crafted sentences. This passage gives us insight into how this historical event happened by describing what went down at face value without giving too much detail until later when we learn more about why these two personalities cared so deeply toward each other’s success.

Sam, I am

His real name is Dr. Theodore Geisel, but he’s better known by his pen name of Seuss. And the result? Green Eggs and Ham – a classic book so ingrained in American culture that Supreme Court Justice James Muirhead even referenced it!

When Geisel finished his task, he could finally reap the rewards. He had never received any payment for Cerf’s work, but after 8 million copies were sold, it became a bestseller in America, therefore making him quite wealthy himself because of this one book alone!

Betting Against Yourself

The 91-year-old Brit, who wanted to avoid paying taxes on his inheritance, ended up benefitting everyone involved. The Crown was the only ones not happy with this outcome as they would have been eligible for an annual £4 million fund had he died earlier than expected!

King-Robinson won by betting against himself. He survived the year, sidestepped a death tax, and his bookmaker pocketed £500 in winnings after all this hard work!

Sam, I am

Betting on Armageddon

The year 2000 was looming, and people had been getting ready for the end of days. A Londoner named Matthew Dumbrell took it upon himself to cash in on this fear by taking a 1 million:1 wager that something would happen within two thousand years before Y2K–the world-ending apocalypse foretold in Mayan prophecy!

The Name is… Travolta?

The rumour that Sony Pictures would tap Idris Elba to play James Bond in 2014 started gaining momentum. The actor, who is already well-known for his role on The Wire and Mandela: A Long Walk To Freedom, became an instant front runner as people were eager to see what impact this move would have with diversity at large film franchise’s forefronts everywhere! Unfortunately, though, we may never get those answers because according to TIME magazine founder Henry Luce “There’s no way anyone can do it right.”

Other prospective 007 candidates included George Clooney at 500:1 odds, same for a Sean Connery return and a 1000:1 chance of John Travolta returning. It doesn’t roll off the tongue somehow, though!

Little Pickle

The United States is in the midst of a heated political campaign, and while some may think that it’s just politics at play between candidates with different policies or ideals – there are aspects which have everything to do with personal hygiene. Now, three months before election day, many people haven’t forgotten about candidate Trump’s once-long 1000:1 odds dropping close to 7:4 (What’re you doing, Americans?!) Not only does this mean he’ll probably win but it also reflects poorly on us as humans if we can’t even properly handle handling our own business!).

The media has been scrutinizing Trump’s manhood for decades. Oddsmakers are 50:1 odds that he packs less than four inches and 11:4 betting on 7-8 inch macro pube length – what a bet!

Top 5 Wild Wagers You Can Place Today

Celebrity Deaths

Have you ever wondered if a celebrity will die before age 50? Well, now there’s an app for that! Doug Stanhope’s Celebrity Death Pool lets users wager on which celebrities will pass away in the future. Sign up with friends and participate as they take part in mock drafts where each person picks someone who may be dying soon or has had their life cut short already so we can all get some good sportin’ out of this bad situation together – win money, baby!!!

We know you’re going to want this “Funeral Home” for all your celebrity needs. You can even win cash and prizes! Just make sure not to harm, murder or otherwise affect the health of any stars in pursuit o profit – it’s against the rules (forbidden).

The Next Pope

The elections for the pope remain one of the most debated topics among online bettors. With Francis still alive, many believe he will not leave office before his term ends; however, others think that with all these extenuating circumstances – such as an outbreak in Europe and various other issues facing Christianity today–it may be time to change leaders once again The leadership position within Catholicism has been filled by men since Pope Gregory III back during medieval times, but now women can also take part starting right here at this moment.

The Catholic cardinal of the Philippines has been leading at +400 for quite some time now. He’s just a bit ahead in popularity, including Richard Dawkins and Bono, who are both close to 600 thousand dollars higher than him!

Who Will Play Joe Exotic?

The story of Tiger King has captured hearts and minds not only in India but worldwide. Netflix’s sensational series continues to be watched by millions upon its release, with no signs yet for an adaptation into film form or any other media formats such as graphic novels–though if there were ever someone who could bring this great portrayal to life again, it would have likely already happened by now… A few years ago, when Rupi Kaur first published Milk & Honey on Instagram, she didn’t know exactly what kind of entertainment value people might find at home between their pages.

Betting on this race is tight; Billy Bob Thornton and Edward Norton are sitting at 5-to-1 odds with David Spade as an underdog.

How is Kim Jong-Un Removed From Power?

Kim Jong-Un’s near-unshakeable grip on power in North Korea has caused many people to give up their bets. Yet, if you are a serious gambler and believe that Kim will one day be gone from office, then betting your life savings away is not something which should deter potential investors. The longshot chance of this event may seem remote, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t any oddsmakers out there willing to take those types of risks!

Kim’s odds of dying in power are 10:1, but there is a 5:1 chance he will be removed by either an external or internal coup. The long-term bet offers 20:1 that Kim will resign voluntarily before his term ends.

Cheese Rolling Champion

The people of Gloucester are not fools. They know that an ordinary wheel of cheese is not enough to satisfy their appetites, so they make sure there’s a 9-pounder ready for when the hunger pangs strike hardest.

The first person who makes it down the hill with this cheese hoists a giant wheel of cheese as their prize.


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