PokerStars SCOOP 2022 Series Shows Strong Results – 2M2

The 14th Annual Spring Championship of Online Poker, better known as SCOOP, turned out to be one for the record books. Even though expectations weren’t high due in part because they were coming off an unprecedented 100 million dollar final table last year that didn’t have any other major events on its schedule at the time – it ended up greatness anyway, as experts of the best online casinos – 2M2 underline, with huge prize pools and even bigger winners!

If you’re a major fan of online tournaments, you’ll want to choose online slots at the best casinos in PPP Canada to polish your skills because not all casino sites are created equal when it comes to online tournaments. Volume, variety, and rewards are probably the three criteria you should pay the most attention to. If you participate in a lot of events, you’ll need a large player pool because new competitions start all the time. If you enjoy competing in tournaments for games other than the typical No-Limit Hold’em freezeouts, variety is also crucial.

Being Realistic

Two factors were paramount when setting the guarantees for the 2022 SCOOP. Many poker players around the world had returned to live to game as in the Casino Tropez, and GGPoker had grown into a competitor that took many of PokerStars’ clientele base away from playing online games on their site – which is why it was important not only to increase cash prizes but also give more assured tournament dates close enough in time with other major events such as The World Series Of Poker (WSOPE) where anyone could potentially be distracted by competing priorities rather than focusing solely upon one competition at once!

Being Realistic

In line with the best online casinos – 2M2, the Spring Championship of Online Poker had a cumulative $100M. There were 102 events in that series, and since each event required three buy-ins, it created an incredible amount of players who entered every single one! The tournaments awarded 1 737 546 dollars from prize money which makes up more than half the total payout at this period during any given year’s competition. This information gives us insight into how many people play poker online today and their successes. Even though they may be few & far between but still there.

The stars have aligned, and PokerStars gives players a shot at the moon. The company set an overall guarantee of $78.5M, spread out over 107 events this year!

Results Better Than Expected

316 individual tournaments played in this year’s SCOOP, and they delivered these final numbers: -Cash Games (including SNGs): 565 players made 2.6 million hands; that comes out to an average of almost 7200 hands per player during the 3-month-long event! This isn’t surprising because we know how competitive cash games can get when there are high stakes involved like in the Slotbox casino… And remember those who stuck around? They helped lift every other aspect with their steady play by making over 27000 (>$2000) bets across all rein Warlock tables – not too shabby, considering most people would probably call.

  • Total entries: 1,294,099 (294,573 of which were reentries)
  • Total prize pools: $96,109,359
  • First-place payouts: $14,900,660 (including $2,621,745 in bounties)

The 2022 SCOOP was a huge success, with many players winning multiple titles. These include actor Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, who won five times, including three separate bracelets for his work on the poker stage!

  • “kelvin_fp:ar” = 3 titles
  • “pinguinho” = 3 titles
  • “_sennj_ = 3 titles
  • Ami “UhhMee” Barer (of Canada) = 3 titles
  • Ole “wizowizo” Schemion = 3 titles

The 18 players who won two tournaments each may not seem like much, but winning back-to-back events is an impressive feat.

The overall SCOOP leaderboard challenge was won by partypoker Ambassador Patrick Leonard with one victory but considerable cash. Perhaps some of his motivation came from pledging 25% revenue from all prizes on both sites to five different charities in war-torn Ukraine, to which he donated $18125 for this cause.

Participating Countries

Canada had a solid presence in this series, with 40 countries participating, and they were not the top country. Out of these played players from SCOOP events, many come back for more!

  • Brazil = 72 titles
  • UK = 26 titles
  • Germany = 19 titles
  • Canada = 18 titles
  • Austria = 18 titles
  • Hungary = 14 titles
  • Ukraine = 14 titles
  • Argentina = 12 titles
  • Norway = 12 titles
  • Sweden = 10 titles

Canadian SCOOP Winners

The Canadian who won the most SCOOP tournaments this year was Ami “UhhMee” Barrer of Vancouver. However, other people took down these same competitions, and we want to introduce you all:

  • $109 6+ Hold’em (Event 16-M) with 360 entries = “UhhMee” won for $6,612
  • $1050 6+ Hold’em (Event 16-H) with 44 entries = “OLD TIME GIN” won for $17,754
  • $215 NLHE PKO (Event 23-M) with 3633 entries = “ycsousa” won for $86,049
  • $320 NLHE (Event 27-H) with 906 entries = “ModzillaPL” won for $45,168
  • $11 NLHE PKO (Event 32-L) with 8644 entries = “Benn Eager” won for $7,021
  • $1050 NLHE PKO (Event 32-H) with 245 entries = “UhhMee” won for $57,161
  • $11 NLHE (Event 37-L) with 12,971 entries = “freezeplay” won for $15,803
  • $215 NLHE PKO (Event 39-M) with 3223 entries = “ModzillaPL” won for $67,623
  • $22 PLO PKO (Event 43-L) with 3501 entries = “harryphillis” won for $6,736
  • $5200 NLHE (Event 49-H) with 81 entries = “smokrokflock” won for $109,313
  • $530 NLHE PKO (Event 64-H) with 668 entries = “youaremelon” won for $53,605
  • $2100 NLO8 PKO (Event 67-H) with 100 entries = “UhhMee” won for $60,028
  • $5.50 NLHE PKO (Event 69-L) with 8953 entries = “A Smooth Effort” won for $4,085
  • $530 NLHE (Event 70-M) with 1028 entries = “newguy89” won for $83,938
  • $530 NLHE (Event 80-H) with 927 entries = “Bengals654” won for $77,024
  • $2.20 NLHE PKO (Event 92-L) with 7833 entries = “Crown4King” won for $3,744
  • $22 NLHE PKO (Event 94-L) with 10,831 entries = “acske” won for $18,129
  • $215 NLHE PKO (Event 94-M) with 3113 entries = “va1umart” won for $61,690

Main Event Results

The three No Limit Hold ’em Main Events were won by pros who had no problem stacking up their chips over multiple days. The Pot Limit Omaha tournaments saw even more success, with eight people taking home titles and $274K in prize money!

  • $109 NLHE Main Event (95-L) = 25,534 entries / $2,553,400 prize pool ($2.5M GTD) / “GoianoVix” of Brazil won for $259,475
  • $1050 NLHE Main Event (95-M) = 4408 entries / $4,408,000 prize pool ($4M GTD) / “paythetable101” of UK won for $509,838
  • $10,300 NLHE Main Event (95-H) = 654 entries / $6.54M prize pool ($5M GTD) / “WElcomeINnferNO” of Austria won for $1,141,511
  • $109 PLO Main Event (97-L) = 2797 entries / $279,700 prize pool ($250K GTD) / “Nlzkm9” of Hungary won for $40,628
  • $1050 PLO Main Event (97-M) = 679 entries / $679K prize pool ($600K GTD) / “beastishngry” of Hungary won for $116,781
  • $10,300 PLO Main Event (97-H) = 106 entries / $1.06M prize pool ($800K GTD) / “PokerLoans1” of Argentina won for $226,367